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Barnyard Millet

1. Low in Calories

Barnyard millet is a good source of highly digestible protein and at the same time is least caloric dense compared to all other cereals. It is a grain which makes one feel light and energetic after consumption.

2. Rich in Fiber

It is an excellent source of dietary fiber with a good amount of both soluble and insoluble fractions. The high fiber content helps in preventing constipation, excess gas, bloating and cramping.

3. Low Glycemic Index

The carbohydrate content of barnyard millet is low and slowly digestible, making the barnyard millet a low glycemic index food. In today’s scenario, this millet becomes one of the ideal foods for diabetics.

Barnyard Millet – A Low Glycemic Index Food Recommended for Diabetics

The barnyard millet improved carbohydrate tolerance among the participants (both diabetic and non-diabetic) by significantly reducing fasting plasma glucose levels.

4. Gluten-Free Food

Like all millets, the barnyard millet is gluten-free. It is an appropriate food for patients who are intolerant to gluten (those with celiac disease) or looking to follow a gluten free lifestyle which eliminates wheat, barley, rye-based foods.

5. Good Source of Iron

According to research on nutrient content on millets, some varieties of barnyard millet have shown to contain high amounts of iron (18.6 mg in 100g of raw millet) which was the richest amongst all millets and cereal grains. Barnyard millet could be a good source of iron for vegetarians.

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