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Beneficial in preventing cardiac diseases.Proso millet has been shown to reduce the cholesterol levels in mammals. Apparently, Proso millet elevates the levels of High Density Lipoproteins in the body. The presence of HDLs increases the metabolism of cholesterol and helps bring it under control.
. This is an added benefit to the fact that it can also reduce heart disease .

Decreases risk of cancer : Lignans are an essential phytonutrient present in millets that are very useful to humans. In the intestines of humans, the bacteria act on them and convert them to mammalian lignans that are known to cut the risk of cancers like breast cancer.

Rich source of essential Phosphorus: Millets are a very rich source of phosphorus for the body. A single cup of millet provides the 24% of the body’s daily requirement of phosphorus. Phosphorus is very essential for cell building and genetic replication in the body.
Reduced risk of Diabetes : Recent research has shown that regular consumption of millet can reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes as it keeps a check on glucose and regulates insulin. This is believed to be because of the high content of magnesium in the millet.

Help prevent gall stones : Millets are also known to prevent the formation of gallstones. This is because of the high content of insoluble fibre present in them which eradicates the possibility of excessive secretion of bile which is one major cause for gall stones

Useful for people with coeliac disease: Coeliac disease is a condition in which the individual is highly resistant and allergic to gluten. Gluten is found in almost every cereal grain apart from Common millet or Proso millet. Thus this is one of the foods which these people can consume safely.

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