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Seeds Of Good Luck



Eco Hindu wishes you a blissful year, where you and your loved ones experience fortune and success. Through this package, you have received the blessings of Lord Ganesha in means of these 5 divine Seeds of Good Luck.

To experience this bliss all you have to do is:

1- Plant these seeds and water them regularly

2- Share your picture on our social media page #seedsofgoodluck

3- Tag and challenge your friends and loved ones to take up the task of planting these “Seeds of Good Luck”. We have limited stock of“Seeds of Good Luck”.

The objective of this campaign of #seedsofgoodluck is to spread the green cover through sowing of seeds of Indian Sub-continent trees like Arjuna tree, Guava tree, Gulmohar tree, Neem tree and Jamun tree.

Considering the raining season, the chances of the seeds sprouting , growing into plants and eventually growing into tree is quite high.

We require each of you to participate in this divine work of increasing the tree count in our country.

We endeavor to invoke joy in your life so that all of us could positively enjoy the blessings of Lord Ganesha. We pray for a healthy and wealthy life for you.

Please note: This free campaign to promote tree plantation is limited to India and all deliveries of the seeds of good luck are within India.

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Benefits of Millets

•Its contains proteins and loaded with vitamins, especially vitamin B and Magnesium

• It has antioxidants so it can protect the body from cancer

•Free from gluten

• Lots of fiber and alkaline property makes it easily digestible

• Prevent heart diseases

• Weight-loss benefits as it has complex carbs and lot of fiber

Benefits of Clay Pottery

• Health benefits of clay pot cooking come from its ability to circulate steam throughout cooking. This provides plenty of moisture and means that you can cook with less oil and fat.

• Since Clay is alkaline in nature and when food is cooked it neutralizes the PH balance of food and hence acts as a natural detox.

• Slow cooking process retains all the nutrients of the food that we cook and hence the food is much tastier.

• Cooking in a clay pot it retains the temperature for a longer time and hence requires less reheating.

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