ecohindu promotes eco-friendly Ganesh Chaturthi

We encourage you to prepare your own Lord Ganesha Idol at home for this Ganesh Chaturthi. Let your kids have fun and learning while preparing your own Lord Ganesh idol at home.This package of 1.5 kgs Natural Shadu Clay and 5 Seeds of Good Luckis being supplied to you at a no profit price. This is to encourage eco-friendly practices and tree plantation across India.

Traditionally eco-friendly Lord Ganesh Idols were prepared at home for the puja. Let the next generation learn the traditional eco-friendly practices.

To add to the eco-friendly Lord Ganesha, we are supplying you with 5 seeds of traditional trees of India – Neem tree, Jamun tree, Arjun tree,Guava tree, and Gulmohar tree. The seeds are supplied for free along with the Natural Shadu Clay which is traditionally used for Lord Ganesh Idol making.

The Seeds of Good Luck are seeds which are already blessed through a Lord Ganesh Puja at ecohindu and are considered auspicious and luck. Please plant andgrow these seeds into trees and spread the green cover across India.

However, please note that the Natural Shadu Clay + 5 Seeds of Good Luck are delivered only within India. Online Class with question and answer will be conducted on Saturday, 31st August, 2019 and the timing of the class will be shared by 25th August.

eco-friendly ganesh for ganesh chaturthi, 2nd SEPTEMBER, 2019