Authentic Round Star Wall Clock


Authentic Round Star Wall Clock

This eco-friendly round star wall clock is made entirely of cow dung, making it not only attractive but eco-friendly. This is 100% handmade, Shop cow dung wall clocks online which are made from scratch and additionally are also glued together with (ladyfinger) natural glue. If at all this plate breaks you can mix it with mud. Since the product has Tulsi seeds embedded in they, the broken pieces will grow into a plant.

The round star design on this wall clock is apt for any kind of decor, and hence will fir right into your home. Purchase this wall clock to transform any wall and make it look much more traditional and attractive.

If any product Is Not In stock we will Get that made in 10 Days and ship the product after it.

Let’s Get Back To Our Tradition -EcoHindu

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