Bronze (Kansa) Knife 60gm (6pc) — Free Delivery All Over India


Bronze (Kansa) Knife 60gm (6pc) — Free Delivery All Over India

Bronze is an alloy consisting primarily of 80% Copper commonly with about 20% tin. Bronze is typically very ductile alloys. Bronze also oxidize as it is a mixture of copper & tin and it need to be cleaned in every 2-3 days to preserve its shining like brass/gold. In Hindu religion Bronze metal was considered as “Lakshmipradham” meaning equivalent to “Goddess Lakshmi”.

Benefits of using bronze utensils:-
• Helps overcome depression.
• Reduce cholesterol.
• Improved health of Hair and eyes.

Care: 1. To keep bronze pieces always shiny, you have to clean and polish them as soon as they start losing their luster.
2. You will need to repeatedly wash the bronze items by cleaning powder or paste (lemon juice & baking soda) to clean of the Platina.

Set of  6Pcs (Knife)

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