Farm fresh Organic A2 cow ghee 200 ml – Free delivery all over India


Aishwarya A2 organic ghee is made of natural fed A2 desi cows in a farm. These ghee is considered to be very pure as it is made as per old traditions of making ghee. A2 cow milk is considered as very satvic and ghee which is made from A2 cow is considered very nutious and has many health benifits as per the ayurveda. Few health benefits as mentioned below:
Vedic A2 Ghee contains significant healing properties, and is absent the many harmful effects of commercial ghee. Its higher nutritional values includes Protein, Iron, Sodium, Calcium, Vitamin A, D, E along with Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids.

Another specialty of gir cow is its hump. The hump of this breed carries specific veins known as “Surya Ketu Nadi”. The function of this vein is to absorb energy from sun rays, moon and other luminous bodies. This energy is then later on transferred to the cow products such as Milk, Urine, and Dung.

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