Handmade Ceramic Khadai 1.5Ltr- Eco friendly cookware


Handcrafted ceramic khadai 1.5Ltr which is awarded for its innovative way of cooking in ceramics. Two colors are available cream yellow shade and brow colour which shown as per the image. Different sizes are available.

1) It was awarded as the top three innovation by department of science and technology and also by stanford school of business.
2) It has permanent coating based on natural minerals and clay which is gurantee to last for life time and also it give us energy called far infrared rays so it make the taste of food better. 3)Pure 100% natural clay its improves health and its made in ecofriendly process


FANTASTIC TASTE: The food cooked in ceramic clay-ware is much more tastier.

GREAT HEALTH AND NUTRITION: Higher values of nutrients in the food, Results in better health. Our bodies get more vitamins, proteins, and minerals.

NON-TOXIC FOOD: No chemical contamination of food, only ppm ( parts per million ) of Friendly life sustaining minerals such as calcium, iron, magnesium, zinc, titanium, Zircon, which are actually given as supplements by a nutrition expert!

ENERGISED FOOD: Ceramic cookware with nanoparticles of zircon, titanium, zinc, silica Release an extremely beneficial energy called far infrared energy. No other cookware has this potential, this causes the food to be even more tastier and free of bacteria and virus which cannot survive in this wavelength.

SAVING OF ENERGY: Great heat retention by ceramics helps to save on gas and we save upto 40% on gas, in just a few months of gas saving we get the payback of the cookware!.

PERMANENT COATING WITH NATURAL NON-STICK BEHAVIOUR: The unique combination of the mineral glaze coating sintered at high temperature viz 1300 degrees centigrade, causes the coating to be “permanent “ with a life time guarantee, besides it causes special non stick behavior automatically.

SAVING ON COOKING OIL: Due to non-stick properties less cooking oil is required.

SAVING ON WATER: The cook and serve and store, all in the same utensils enables the user to have lesser number of utensils and thus save on washing and save water which is a precious resource.

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