Handmade Clay Surahi (Size 3 Ltr) – Free delivery all over India

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Handmade Clay Surahi (Size 3 Ltr) – Free delivery all over India.

Drinking from an earthen pot can boost metabolism without dangerous chemical, further helps in keeping testosterone levels balanced, minerals present also help to improve digestion.

Clay Surahi is to chill water in accordance with the climate, It  has an earthy flavor added to it.

Discover whole new levels of elegance and class with this very special piece designed especially for your classy taste and the taste for refined ethnic things in life.

Clay Surahi is completely handmade made from Clay (earthenware), Handy in Weight and No side effects as our Indian Handmade products are of longer life.

Best for people struggling from respiratory diseases during the summer since it is healthy and naturally chilled.

Add A new taste to water by Using Our Handmade Clay Surahi.

Capacity: – 3 Ltr

Let’s Get Back to Traditions – Ecohindu

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