Handmade Eco friendly Clay Plain Spouted (Gaumukh) Surahi Of 6 Liter With Accessories


Handmade Eco friendly Clay Plain Spouted (Gaumukh) Surahi Of 6 Liter With Accessories – Free Delivery All Over India.

Earthenware Had Always Been An Intrinsic Part Of Indian Households, However, Now With Different Types Of Utensils Available, Earthen Pots Are Barely Used.

Clay Is Alkaline In Nature And It Interacts With The Acidity In The Food, Thereby Neutralizing The PH Balance And Eventually Making Food Healthier And A Lot Tastier. It Is Believed To Provide The Required Minerals Including Calcium, Magnesium, Iron, Phosphorus And Sulphur That Benefit Our Health.

Symbols And The Crystals From The Gangotri Region Water Has Been Proved To Absorb The Vibrations Of The Words Symbols Written On The Container. We Use The Most Powerful Symbol On Planet To Energize The Water. And By Immersing The Crystal Into The Water From The Gangotri Region Where Ganga Originates Makes The Water Vibrate With A Positive And Good Energy

Use Of Copper We Have Synergies The Use Of Copper Which Is Known For Its Antibacterial And Antiviral Properties Since Ancient Times

Special Assembly Of Tap Arrangement With A Special Design Of Cemented Tap Assembly We Have Ensured That No Plastic Or M Seal Comes In Contact With Water

It Was Awarded As The Top Three Innovations By Department Of Science And Technology And Also By Stanford School Of Business.


  1. Copper Frame
  2. Gangotri Crystal
  3. Gaumukh Surahi (6 liters)

Capacity: – 6 Liters

Let’s Get Back To Our Tradition- Ecohindu

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