Hypoglycy Powder For Diabetes (Generates Natural Insulin) – Pack of 30- Free Delivery All Over India.


Hypoglycy Powder For Diabetes (Generates Natural Insulin) – Free Delivery All Over India.

Hypoglycy Powder helps in both Diabetes Type-1 and Type-2 to Generate Natural Insulin. It help to reduce Blood Sugar Levels after taking this Hypoglycy Powder, this gets absorbed through Saliva and Stimulates Insulin producing Cells.

COMPOSITION (Each Pouch Contains).
GYMNEMA SYLVESTRE: Promotes Regeneration of Islet Cells, Anti-Diabetic, Anti-Inflammatory and Anti-Sweetener, It is Laxative, Diuretic and Suppress Cough.
EMBLLICA OFFICINALIS: Gooseberry/Amalki/Nellikai, It has Excellent Anti-Diabetic, Anti-Viral, Anti-Action and Anti-Fungal Action.
TRIGONELLA FOENUMGRACECUM: Fenugreek/Methi/Venthiyam, Rich in fiber content and boosts Metabolism and it is Hypocholestrol.
TERMINALIA CHEBULA: Good Anti-Oxidant properties, Anti-Aistamine, Anti-Ageing, Helps in Arthritis and Cancer, It is a Liver Tonic.
TRIBULUS TERRESTRIS: Puncture Vine/Gokshuru, Anti-Diabetic, Diuretic Action, Regulates Testosterone Levels, Anti-Hypertensive and Aphrodisiac.

One pouch of Hypoglycy Powder is to be Chewed and take Early Morning Before Coffee or Tea i.e After Brushing Teeth, Dissolve for 15 min and then have a Glass of Warm Water, After ½ hour you can have your Breakfast.

Note: After taking Hypoglycy powder for 3 months there is no diet restrictions and the patient gets good energy and sugar level will be under control.

Pack of 30.

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