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The Pochampally Ikkat Pattu Saree is originally from the Telangana State in India. Ikat basically refers to one of the famous dyeing techniques, where the people dye on the yarns, before weaving and dyeing the fabric as a whole. It is one of the famous techniques used to pattern the textiles, and that is something very special about this. Ikat here is used to make the traditional geometrical patterns that eventually depict the culture of the state, making it the speciality of the place.
Telangana happens to be one of the oldest Ikat weaving centres in the country, and that is how this pattern and design came into the limelight. Not just Telangana, Odisha and Gujarat have also been practicing the Ikat techniques for a long time now, and have been making this style popular.
The Pochampally Ikkat Pattu Saree is purely hand woven, and contains a silky texture. This is light weighted, compared to the other silk sarees. It is definitely not recommended for daily wear, as the detailed pattern on it calls for wearing it on an occasion. Indians usually wear heavy and traditional attires in occasions, so that is the reason this is recommended for regular occasions, may it be a Pooja, or a small ceremony.
The Ikkat style is mainly a pattern style from Egypt that was originated years ago. The best thing about the Ikkat prints is that they do not have a particular design. So in this case, they do not have two sarees of the same print, which makes it even more special. They have abstract designs, and that is something people usually prefer.
The most unique thing about the making of this saree is that the silk threads are dyed first, and then they are eventually added to the loom to create the fabric. The designs of this saree give a very vibrant touch to it, and that is probably the reason why it is loved by the women of the country.
What the Pochampally Ikkat Pattu Saree contains:
• 80 m blouse
• 5.5 m saree length
One thing that must always be kept in mind while maintaining the Pochampally Ikkat Pattu Saree is that it must always be dry cleaned, in order to make sure that the print stays for a longer time.
Fun Fact:
• One of the famous Indian Airline company, Air India, has specially designed a Pochampally Ikkat Pattu saree for its crew members, and that shows the royalty it pertains.

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