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The Tussar Silk is one of the most beautiful silk in the country. It is usually made up by the larvae of various species of silk worms that are very hard to find. As these involve the rare worms, the procedure to make this type of silk takes a lot of time, but the end result happens to be magical. Their texture is very rich and natural, and is eventually loved by everyone in the country.
The actual colour of this type of silk is deep gold, and is usually manufactured in areas like China, Japan, Sri Lanka and India, as the silkworms that are required for the Tussar Silk are found just here. This is one of the reasons it has a high demand all over the globe.
The process to make the Tussar Silk is very interesting, and is mentioned below:
• The cocoons of the silkworms are dried in the sun, in order to kill them
• They are then soaked in the boiling water in order to soften the silk, and are then reeled
• They are further boiled to extract the silk yarn, and that is how the Tussar Silk is formed
The Pure Tussar Silk needs a lot of maintenance, and the following is how it can be maintained well:
• It is better to get the Tussar Silk dry cleaned, so as to maintain the quality of the same
• The silk must NOT be kept intact and wrapped, as the silk needs to get some air in order to stay fresh for a longer period of time
• It should never be kept under direct sunlight, as that would take away the entire essence of the Tussar Silk
• One must avoid rubbing the cloth, as that would eventually take away the special quality away from the silk
The Tussar Silk is preferred to be worn at the warmer parts of the world, as the material happens to be very cool and breathy. This way, the people wearing it would be comfortable enough, and this silk is very light to carry. It can be worn in occasions, and it would eventually be loved by anyone and everyone present there.
There are a few things that are included in the Pure Tussar Whole Embroidery Saree:
• 80 cm blouse piece
• 5.5 m saree length
• All over embroidery, that gives a majestic look to the saree over all

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