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The Sambalpuri Handwoven Saree is a pure handloom cotton hand-weaved saree. These are the ones where the material of the saree is tie-dyed before being woven. It is produced in the Sambalpur city of Odisha and holds a lot of cultural values for the same. The entire process of making a Sambalpuri saree takes a lot of weeks, as they are first tie-dyed, and then finely handwoven.
This type of saree became popular in the 1980s-90s when the former Prime Minister Late Indira Gandhi started wearing them. This made it hold a lot of value, and it eventually became a big thing in the country. Apparently, the art of Sambalpuri saree came to Western Odisha in the late 11th century and became popular much later on. These sarees are made from fabric woven on a handloom and are very popular in the country.
The Sambalpuri sarees are one of the finest sarees in the country, and eventually, involve a lot of hard work in the production of the same. The fabrics of these sarees imitate an original manner of craft called ‘Baandha’. In the earlier times, the craftsmen created Bandhas with images of animals and birds, or maybe the landscapes and other geometrical patterns. The Baandha fabric is also created using the tie-dye method, which lodges another similarity among them.
The major and basic technique to make the Sambalpuri material:
• The process of making a Sambalpuri saree starts with dyeing the silk or cotton material
• The material is continuously dipped in the boiling water a number of times so that it gets dyed properly
• Utmost care is given to the material while this process is on, as one needs to make sure to see whether the colour is being equally and uniformly printed on the material
The Sambalpuri sarees are labour intensive and are known for their incorporation of the traditional motifs. It takes a lot of time for the manufacturing of one saree; it takes about two months for the process to be completed. But the best thing about it is that every saree is different, and has a unique design, which eventually helps in making it rich in traditional views. One must make sure that they manually clean it by hands, or give it for dry cleaning. This way, the essence of the Sambalpuri saree would stay intact for a long period of time.

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