Seeds Of Good Luck


“Seeds Of Good Luck” Grow Your Seed Grow Your Luck Order Your Seeds of Good Luck For Free Right Now…
Through this package, you will receive the blessings of Lord Ganesha in means of these divine
Seeds of Good Luck. What makes these seeds unique is that these seeds are purified and blessed by
performing an “Akhand Pooja” for Lord Ganesha and hence, brings the purest form of vibration and divinity to you.
To experience this bliss all you have to do is:
1- Plant these seeds and water them regularly
2- Share your picture on your social media i.e. facebook, twitter, Instagram with #ecohindu and #seedsofgoodluck
3- Tag, and nominate your friends and loved ones to take up this auspicious task of planting these seeds.
 We have limited “Seeds of Good Luck”, so hurry!
What All You Will Get
  1. Neem Seeds
  2. Arjuna Seeds
  3. Jamun Seeds
  4. Gulmohor Seeds
  5. Guava Seeds

All these Seeds are blessed also have their own benefits and spiritual Importance For more Details You can have glance at the video made by us to state the Benefits and Spiritual Importance of seeds on Youtube.

Let’s Go Green with EcoHindu

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