Traditional Soap Stone Kal Chatti / Mavu Chatti Of 3.5 Litre (Seasoned)


Traditional Soap Stone Kal Chatti / Mavu Chatti Of 3.5 Litre (Seasoned) – Free delivery all over India.

  • It is hand carved stone product, Crafted by rural village Artisans/ Sculptors who were involving in manufacturing of Stoneware’s 3 to 5 decades ago. Every inch of these products are hand crafted without any machine assistance, So the dimensions are mentioned in approx but assures mentioned volume.
  • 100% Eco friendly Products.Purely natural, Toxin free cookware unlike the Chemical coated modern utensils.
  • Food items cooked in the stone pots taste outstanding, because they are chemically inert and hence do not alter or change the natural flavours of the ingredients and retain the original aroma and taste of the food.
  • It is mainly used to keep batter , so it is also called as Mavu Chatti . Any how all the items of food like curries, pulses, Sambar, Rasam, vegetables can be cooked in good volume.
  • Let’s encourage and support healthy cooking culture. It is an old age tradition of India to cook in this Soapstone Cookware

Weight:- 4.1 Kg

Capacity:- 3.5 Litre

Let’s Get Back To Our Tradition – EcoHindu

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