Traditional Soap Stone Kal Chatti Of 2 Litre


Traditional Soap Stone Kal Chatti Of 2 Litre – Free delivery all over India.

Benefits of Soap Stone Cookware

  • Heat is evenly observed thus it retains healthy anti-oxidants of the food which used to counteract the deterioration of stored food.
  • Retains heat for a long time even after the flame is stopped, so no need of additional heating often required.

Method of usage:

  • It can be placed on regular Gas burner flames
  • Once the utensil gained heat, always put the flame (Heat input) in low level until the end of cooking.

Maintenance: It can be washed like regular vessels with preferred soap and scrubs

Purpose: For making Sambar,Kolombu, Rasam, veggies etc

Let’s encourage and support healthy cooking culture. It is an old age tradition of India to cook in this Soapstone Cookware

Weight:- 2.750 Kg

Capacity:- 2 Litre

Let’s Get Back To Our Tradition – EcoHindu

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