Traditional Soap Stone Trendy Kal Chatti Of 1 Litre (Seasoned)


Traditional Soap Stone Trendy Kal Chatti Of 1 Litre (Seasoned) – Free delivery all over India.

  • The goodness of traditional Kalchatti now in convenient style and shape, the right blend of heritage with the modern trend is available for you.  Decorate your kitchen with trendy heritage kitchenwares.
  • The heat proof handle gives you prominent support while cooking and handling. Its evident that Stone pots get heat quickly and retain heat for a long time. The heat gaining and heat retention have been increased by 30% with the stone lid. The premium stone quality just assures you finish the cooking quickly with a delicious flavor that is yet to be discovered.
  • Remaining all properties, seasoning and handling are just like regular kalchatti (Stone Kitchenware) only

Weight:-  2.970 Kgs

Capacity:- 1 Litre

Let’s Get Back To Our Tradition – EcoHindu

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